Saudi Arabia launches a new digital platform for estate distribution

Saudi Justice Minister Walid Al Samaani has introduced a unified e-platform for estate distribution, aiming to streamline and expedite the process from the decedent's passing to the heirs receiving their shares. Unveiling the platform at the Real Estate Future Forum in Riyadh, Al Samaani outlined its key objectives:

The platform seeks to simplify the complexities associated with estate distribution, making the entire process more efficient and accessible.

By leveraging digital technologies, the e-platform aims to enhance the efficiency of estate distribution procedures, reducing paperwork and manual interventions.

Addressing potential conflicts among heirs, the platform aims to minimize disputes related to the division of estates, promoting a smoother distribution process.

The unified e-platform is designed to facilitate the distribution of estates through its comprehensive approach, offering solutions to various issues and automating a significant portion of the overall process.

The e-platform introduces three distinct pathways to cater to different scenarios in estate distribution:

This pathway enables heirs to obtain certificates confirming their status and estate ownership. It involves seamless data sharing with relevant authorities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Saudi Central Bank, and the Capital Market Authority.

Geared towards a cooperative and mutually agreeable distribution process, this pathway provides a structured framework for heirs to divide the estate among themselves without resorting to legal disputes.

This pathway comes into play when disputes arise among heirs, necessitating legal intervention for a fair and just distribution. The platform aims to automate and expedite this process, reducing delays and ensuring equitable resolutions.

By incorporating these pathways, the e-platform aims to address the diverse scenarios that may arise during estate distribution, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution. The utilization of electronic means not only accelerates the process but also contributes to minimizing potential disputes related to estate division. The introduction of this unified e-platform represents a significant advancement in modernizing and digitizing the estate distribution process in Saudi Arabia, aligning with global trends in utilizing electronic platforms for legal procedures and documentation.

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