Saudi Arabia witnesses increased travel rates during Ramadan 2024

Saudi Arabia is actively diversifying its economy away from oil dependence by investing significantly in non-oil sectors, a move aimed at spurring growth rates and fostering economic resilience.

Recent data from Skyscanner indicates a notable surge in travel to the Kingdom during Ramadan, reflecting a global quest for immersive cultural and spiritual encounters.

The findings underscore March 28 as the pinnacle of travel activity to Saudi Arabia during Ramadan, marking a collective pursuit beyond mere tourism to embrace profound cultural and spiritual enrichment. Ayoub El Mamoun, Skyscanner Travel Expert, emphasizes the influx of visitors from diverse backgrounds converging to partake in religious rituals and explore Saudi Arabia's rich heritage.

Interestingly, travelers exhibit varying preferences in trip duration, with 43 percent favoring holidays spanning 1-2 weeks, while 51 percent opt for shorter breaks of a week or less. Additionally, a minority, constituting 6 percent, expresses interest in extended stays of up to a month, reflecting a spectrum of travel motivations and objectives.

The top five booking destinations to Saudi Arabia during this period include Cairo, London, Dubai, Manchester, and Riyadh, underscoring the global appeal of Saudi Arabia as a destination during Ramadan. Meanwhile, within the Kingdom, Jeddah emerges as a prominent destination, followed by Riyadh, Madinah, Dammam, and Abah, showcasing the internal diversity and attractions available to travelers.

The data derives from an extensive analysis of flight searches conducted between February 2 and February 18, targeting departures from March 8 to April 13. This comprehensive study provides valuable insights into travel trends and preferences, illuminating the significance of Saudi Arabia as a focal point for cultural, spiritual, and leisure experiences during Ramadan. As the Kingdom continues to invest in diversification efforts, such findings serve as a testament to its growing prominence on the global tourism stage, offering a multifaceted tapestry of experiences to visitors from around the world.

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