Suadi Airline celebrates its first anniversary, targets $20bn GDP, 200,000 jobs

Riyadh Air commemorates its inaugural year as it accelerates preparations for its anticipated launch in 2025, aiming to revolutionize air travel with sustainability at its core while setting new benchmarks for reliability, comfort, and service excellence.

Playing a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia's National Transport and Logistics Strategy and National Tourism Strategy, Riyadh Air is instrumental in advancing the country's economic diversification efforts and job creation in alignment with Vision 2030 objectives.

CEO Tony Douglas underscores the airline's achievements over the past year and its ambitious trajectory ahead, emphasizing Riyadh Air's commitment to reshaping the aviation landscape as the world's leading innovative carrier.

Key highlights of Riyadh Air's inaugural year include the announcement of major aircraft orders, such as Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners, signaling its commitment to forward-looking aviation solutions. Additionally, significant partnerships were forged with industry leaders like Saudia and Turkish Airlines, fostering collaboration and growth within the Kingdom's aviation sector.

Riyadh Air also unveiled its distinctive dual-livery designs, showcasing a blend of elegance and modernity that pays homage to Saudi Arabia's rich heritage and forward-thinking vision.

Furthermore, Riyadh Air established strategic partnerships with technology and engineering firms to drive digital transformation and sustainability initiatives in aviation. These collaborations aim to enhance Riyadh Air's operational capabilities and customer experience, ensuring readiness for its inaugural flight in 2025.

The airline's inaugural year culminated in groundbreaking sponsorships, including a multi-year partnership with Atletico de Madrid, underscoring Riyadh Air's commitment to fostering global connections and promoting sports and tourism.

Participation in industry events and forums further solidified Riyadh Air's position as a key player in the aviation sector, with CEO Tony Douglas actively engaging in discussions on Riyadh Air's contributions to Vision 2030 and the broader economic landscape of Saudi Arabia.

Overall, Riyadh Air's inaugural year reflects its dedication to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in air travel, setting the stage for a transformative journey ahead.

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