Saudi Arabia Implements 25% Saudization for Private Sector Engineering Jobs

A Saudization effort has been announced by the Saudi Arabian Ministries of Human Resources and Social Development and Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, with the goal of influencing 25% of private sector engineering jobs.

This directive, set to take effect on July 21, 2024, will be applicable to all private sector establishments with a workforce of at least five individuals in engineering roles.

The joint effort by the two ministries is part of their ongoing commitment to generating more employment opportunities for both male and female citizens throughout various regions of the Kingdom. The move underscores the government's dedication to enhancing citizens' participation in the labor market.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing has affirmed its responsibility for overseeing and implementing this Saudization decision. The objective is to align the implementation with the labor market's needs and the specific requirements of engineering professions.

To facilitate the employment of Saudi nationals, private sector establishments will have access to incentives and support programs provided by the human resources and social development systems. The ministry emphasizes its role in supporting the recruitment process, including attracting suitable workers, facilitating necessary training and qualification, and assisting in the recruitment and career continuation process.

Moreover, private sector entities will be given priority access to nationalization support programs within the system, as well as various support and employment initiatives offered through the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF). These measures aim to strengthen the Saudization drive and contribute to the overall development and sustainability of the Saudi workforce.

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