Dubai: Huspy Unveils Competitive Mortgage Rates for Real Estate Buyers

Huspy, a pioneering real estate startup in Dubai, has introduced a groundbreaking range of mortgages in the UAE, boasting interest rates below 4 percent.

This move positions their offerings as more favorable than the prevailing Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR) benchmark, marking a significant development in the local real estate financing landscape.

During the auspicious occasion of Ramadan, Huspy is exclusively offering its lowest rate of 3.85 percent for a fixed 3-year term, providing potential home buyers with an attractive opportunity to secure financing at highly competitive terms. Additionally, the company is extending attractive rates of 3.94 percent and 3.99 percent for fixed periods of 2 and 3 years, respectively, further expanding the options available to prospective buyers.

To avail of these favorable mortgage terms, individuals can conveniently apply through Huspy’s user-friendly platform and submit the necessary documentation for a complimentary cost analysis. Beside that brokers can leverage Huspy’s dedicated "Brokers Portal" to streamline the application process for their clients, resulting in reduced processing times and enhanced efficiency.

Customers stand to benefit from exclusive perks offered by partner banks, including the waiver of processing and valuation fees, along with the potential to receive a 50 percent cashback on their initial month’s salary with select banking partners.

Another noteworthy feature of Huspy’s mortgage offerings is the provision for early repayment without incurring any penalties, providing borrowers with added flexibility and financial freedom. Moreover, existing homeowners have the option to refinance their mortgages at competitive variable rates, thereby optimizing their financial arrangements to better suit their evolving needs and preferences.

Huspy has established strategic partnerships with prominent lenders in the UAE and employs cutting-edge technology platforms to digitize mortgage processes nationwide, ensuring seamless and efficient transactions for customers across the country. Through its innovative approach and customer-centric ethos, Huspy is revolutionizing the real estate financing landscape in Dubai and empowering individuals to achieve their homeownership aspirations with greater ease and affordability.

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