Dubai Customs records 17.1m visitors, 47m bags, 207,000 flights last year

According to official statistics, last year Dubai Customs processed 46,870,957 bags from 206,396 aircraft, or an average of 128,400 bags every day.

Dubai Customs processed a staggering 46,870,957 bags from 206,396 flights throughout the preceding year, with an average of 128,400 bags handled daily, according to official statistics.

The primary objective remains steadfast: ensuring the satisfaction of travelers and enhancing their overall experience. This dedication is exemplified by the Passenger Operations Department, which boasts over 840 inspection officers supported by 77 baggage inspection devices.

Furthermore, Dubai Customs played a pivotal role in accommodating the record-breaking influx of international visitors in 2023, totaling 17.15 million. The department is deeply committed to providing top-tier reception services for travelers, improving overall services, and projecting the UAE, particularly Dubai, as a premier global hub for both tourism and business.

Ibrahim Al Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations at Dubai Customs, stressed the vital role the department plays in guaranteeing passenger happiness and expediting customs operations. Departmental efforts to implement state-of-the-art systems, make use of AI, and embrace current technology are part of a comprehensive plan for the customs inspection industry.

One notable innovation is the introduction of the "iDeclare" app, compatible with all smart devices. This app allows arriving passengers to disclose their luggage and personal belongings before their actual arrival, significantly reducing customs processing time through the red channel to less than four minutes.

Khaled Ahmed, Senior Manager of Airport Terminal 1 at the Passenger Operations Department, highlighted Dubai Customs' meticulous preparations to expedite procedures for travelers during peak seasons at Dubai International Airport. Such periods include the Hajj season, holidays, winter, and New Year's celebrations.

Given Dubai's year-round allure to visitors, the Passenger Operations Department has implemented a comprehensive action plan to ensure efficient and high-quality customs services for tourists and travelers. This includes daily meetings and coordination with strategic partners such as Dubai Airports, Emirates Airlines, and other carriers, along with increasing the number of inspectors during busy periods to effectively meet demands.

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