Saudi Arabia urges businesses to apply for Hajj licenses to assist pilgrims

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has initiated the application process for businesses aiming to obtain a license to offer services to external pilgrims. The move is part of a broader strategy to broaden service scope and enhance offerings during the upcoming Hajj season.

Saudi Arabia welcomes applications for Hajj service licenses

The application period, open until December 5, is facilitated through the dedicated electronic platform: This platform aims to streamline the application process and facilitate efficient communication between the ministry and potential service providers.

Commitment to Pilgrim Experience Enrichment

This initiative underscores the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah's unwavering commitment to improving services for pilgrims and fostering effective competitiveness in the realm of pilgrimage services. The ministry envisions that an increase in the number of specialized companies catering to pilgrims will significantly contribute to achieving its goals.

License Application Process and Guidelines

There is an online portal where interested businesses can apply for a license to serve external pilgrims. In order to submit an application, one must adhere to the rules and regulations established by the relevant government agency.

Ensuring High-Quality Services Based on Classification

To ensure the provision of high-quality services to pilgrims, companies seeking licenses will undergo a quantitative and qualitative classification. This classification encompasses various services, including accommodation, meals, transportation, and addressing the special needs of pilgrims.

A Comprehensive Approach to Pilgrim Comfort and Safety

The classification process is designed to cover all aspects of pilgrim comfort and safety. It includes a comprehensive list of services that the companies are expected to provide, aiming to enrich the overall journey of pilgrims to the holy sites.

Encouraging Timely Submissions and Adherence to Standards

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah emphasizes the importance of timely submissions by interested companies. It also urges strict adherence to the standards and guidelines outlined in the tender document. Compliance with these conditions and specifications is crucial for ensuring outstanding services and contributing to a distinctive and unique spiritual journey for the pilgrims.

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