Abu Dhabi Airports Reveals Ambitious Free Zone Expansion plan

Abu Dhabi Airports has recently disclosed an array of ambitious expansion initiatives for the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ), encompassing the initial planning phase for the construction of Light Industrial Units (LIUs).

This strategic move is aligned with ADAFZ's commitment to cater to the burgeoning demand from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Development Details:

As part of the development program, multiple LIUs are slated for construction, covering an expansive 200,000-square-foot area within the Southside Logistics Zone, adjacent to the cargo terminal. Recognizing the surge in demand for such units, this initiative aims to provide cost-effective entry points for SMEs while ensuring scalability to accommodate their growth.

Target tenant industries:

The LIUs are meticulously designed to serve various industries, including light manufacturing assembly, freight forwarding logistics, technology, consumer goods, retail, and airport support services. The versatility of these units underscores ADAFZ's commitment to fostering a diverse business environment within the free zone.

Insights from Maureen Bannerman:

Maureen Bannerman, Chief Commercial Officer at Abu Dhabi Airports, expressed enthusiasm about the development phase, stating that ADAFZ is entering an exciting period of expansion in its retail, real estate, and logistics offerings. Highlighting the existing management of over 100 industrial units and 1,000 real estate units across three free zones and airports, Bannerman emphasized ADAFZ's dedication to providing customer-centric infrastructure solutions.

Future construction plans:

Once ADAFZ's master plan is approved, it plans to start building LIUs in 2024. The estimated duration of the project is 12 to 18 months. This program highlights ADAFZ's dedication to effectively executing its growth goals, adding to Abu Dhabi's varied and ever-changing economic scene.

Abu Dhabi Airports' ambitious expansion plans for the ADAFZ not only reflect its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of SMEs but also underscore its role in driving economic diversity and growth in the region. The introduction of LIUs signifies a strategic move to enhance the offerings of ADAFZ, positioning it as a pivotal hub for businesses of various scales and industries.

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