UAE: Gazans Left Without Safety Amid UN Rejection of Ceasefire

Civilians in Gaza are once again facing a "ruinous war with nowhere safe to go," as the UAE expressed deep concern over the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the region.

UAE Expresses Concern for Gaza's Plight as UN Rejects Resolution

Russian President Vladimir Putin made the remark after a Russian resolution condemning violence and terrorism against civilians was voted down by the United Nations Security Council without mentioning Hamas. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) was one of the four countries to vote in support of the resolution, making it clear that it does not recognize Hamas as the official representation of the Palestinian people.

The sad loss of life of 1,300 Israelis in a surprise strike by Hamas on October 7 provides context for this worry. Israeli bombings in reprisal have killed 2,750 people, and residents of northern Gaza have been told to evacuate to the south in preparation for a land invasion.

The UAE's permanent representative to the United Nations, Lana Nusseibeh, has expressed her country's severe objection of the evacuation of over a million people who are stranded with nowhere to go. Under blockade, one of the world's most densely inhabited areas, Gaza, has restricted access to basic necessities including energy, food, water, and medicine. Due to the fact that the region's three desalination facilities are power-dependent, two million people are currently dependent on a single water pipeline.

Since innocent Israeli citizens, including children, were killed in the attack and hostages were taken, Hamas has been roundly denounced for its brutality. The residents of Gaza were already living in dire conditions before the onslaught, but Nusseibeh made it clear that Hamas did not speak for them.

According to a United Nations study dated January 2023, 1.3 million people in Gaza need humanitarian help just to survive, and half of them are children. Nearly sixty percent of the population had critical needs. Children in Gaza have lost hope as a result of the region's three major battles in the last decade.

The United Arab Emirates sent a plea to the United Nations Security Council, asking them to ensure the safety of people, free all captives, and ensure the safe delivery of humanitarian supplies. A framework for unrestricted humanitarian access must be established, and immediate access to fuel, food, water, and medical help must be restored.

The United Arab Emirates has supported the Russian decision to meet these urgent humanitarian demands. However, the Council did not vote in favor of the resolution.

The United Arab Emirates is still holding out hope that the Security Council would come together to handle the problem soon, despite the recent setback. The United Arab Emirates stresses the need to uphold international humanitarian law, oppose indiscriminate strikes, and break the cycle of bloodshed. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) maintains its support for the idea of two separate but equal nations for Israelis and Palestinians, on the grounds that each population deserves the chance to flourish in its own right.

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