The GCC unanimously endorses the Unified Gulf Tourist Visa in Muscat Meeting

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states have collectively given the green light to the Unified Gulf Tourist Visa, marking a significant milestone in regional collaboration.

Gulf Cooperation Council Unanimously Approves Unified Gulf Tourist Visa

Jassim Mohammed Al Budaiwi, the Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, unveiled this groundbreaking decision during the 40th meeting of the GCC Interior Ministers hosted in Muscat, Oman.

Praise for Unity and Leadership

Al Budaiwi expressed his admiration for the Unified Gulf Tourist Visa, characterizing it as a remarkable accomplishment and a clear testament to the cohesive cooperation and wise guidance of GCC leaders. The visa is anticipated to streamline travel processes for tourists across the member states.

Electronic System to Link Traffic Violations

An electronic system to connect traffic infringement data across GCC countries was also unveiled at the same time as this declaration by Gulf interior ministers. Al Budaiwi emphasized the significance of this endeavor in achieving traffic safety objectives. The newly deployed system is envisioned to provide a comprehensive range of unified traffic services to citizens across GCC nations.

Promoting Regional Security and Progress

Al Budaiwi reiterated the collective achievements of the GCC countries, earning recognition on regional and global fronts for their development endeavors. He emphasized the necessity of maintaining robust national security to thwart potential threats that could impede the ongoing progress of the region.

Addressing Drug Proliferation Concerns

The Secretary-General brought attention to the GCC countries' rising concerns about drug proliferation, particularly among young people. In order to address drug-related issues, he advocated for a coordinated approach that included treatment, control, and prevention.

Al Budaiwi praised national programs as well as the committed work of security forces in preventing drug misuse from endangering the area.

Comprehensive Security Discussions

The meeting delved into various crucial security issues, including discussions on formulating a comprehensive Gulf strategy to combat drugs. Additionally, plans for launching security awareness campaigns were on the agenda, reflecting the commitment of GCC nations to collectively address shared security concerns.

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