Protesters Invade Russian Airport Runway in Anti-Israel Demonstration

Over 150 individuals involved in the turmoil have been recognized, with 60 of them subsequently apprehended by authorities.

Unrest Erupts at Makhachkala Airport

On Sunday, rumors that an Israeli jet was landing sparked a riot in the Russian Caucasus republic of Dagestan, where the airport is located. The quick escalation of the situation necessitated prompt action on the part of authorities to restore calm.

Authorities promise accountability.

The governor of Dagestan vowed that those responsible for the incident would face consequences for their actions. The republic's interior ministry later confirmed that 60 individuals had been arrested in connection with the unrest. Additionally, they reported identifying more than 150 active participants in the disturbance.

Airport Siege Unfolds

Reports and videos posted on social media and corroborated by Russia's RT and Izvestia media depicted a tense scene at Makhachkala Airport. Demonstrators forcibly breached doors and barriers, with some even making their way onto the airport's runway.

Immediate Security Measures

In response to the escalating situation, Russia's aviation agency, Rosaviatsiya, announced the closure of the airport for both incoming and outgoing flights. Security forces were dispatched to the scene. Local authorities confirmed on Telegram that they had the situation under control.

Health Ministry Reports Injuries

The republic's health ministry disclosed that there were injuries resulting from the unrest, although they did not provide specific details regarding the number of injuries or those affected. As the situation continued to evolve, Rosaviatsiya later declared that the airport had been "freed" from the mob and would remain closed until November 6.

Protesters Make Their Stand

Videos from various local Telegram channels revealed that dozens of men had gathered outside the airport with the intent of intercepting arriving vehicles. One protester was seen holding a sign that read, "Child killers have no place in Dagestan," reflecting the strong sentiments that fueled the unrest.

Airport Interior in Disarray

Additional videos captured the scene inside an airport terminal, showing a crowd of protesters attempting to force their way through doors while airport staff members worked to prevent further access.

This incident underscores the potency of rumors and emotions in today's interconnected world, where events can rapidly spiral out of control, prompting authorities to respond decisively to maintain order and safety.

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