Urgent: Apple announces an update on Apple phones that surpasses Google

Apple offers a new function for Apple Maps, which can perform better than Google Maps, in the most recent update to the iOS 17 operating system. The new feature relates to the ability to pre-download Apple Maps for use in specific regions.

Even though Google Maps currently offers the opportunity to pre-download Apple Maps for usage in locations without access to the Internet, Apple is elevating this capability.
You must first have the iOS 17 mobile operating system installed on your phone to get the appropriate map from Apple Maps. Tap your profile image in the top-right corner of Apple Maps after it's open. Then select Download New Map under Offline Maps.
As with Google Maps, when you choose "Download a new map," you can select your present location or the location you most recently looked at. You will then use two fingers to zoom in until the region you wish to download is contained inside a rectangle, then press "Download Map."

Choose the download method for the map.

Additionally, in iOS 17, you may choose whether you want automatic downloads or to utilize offline maps, as well as how you want to download the map (through Wi-Fi or mobile data). You can rename, resize, and delete downloaded maps.
Given that Apple Maps prompts users to download a map in locations with known poor cellular coverage, it appears that Apple is going one step farther than Google with this feature. It's usually too late to find out if you can receive a cellular connection if you haven't traveled through a particular place before.
According to the website PhoneArena, it is unclear from where Apple obtains the data on locations without cellular coverage, however it may come straight from wireless service providers.

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