Saudi Arabia launches "Saudipedia" digital platform at FOMEX

Saudi Media Minister Salman Al-Dosary unveiled the digital platform 'Saudipedia' on Monday during the Future of Media Exhibition (FOMEX) in Riyadh.

This launch was a pivotal part of the Saudi Media Forum events, drawing the attendance of Communication and Information Technology Minister Abdullah Al-Swaha and officials from various Arab and international media outlets.

Aligned with the Human Capability Development Program under Vision 2030, 'Saudipedia' aims to serve as a comprehensive knowledge repository about the Kingdom. The platform endeavors to offer reliable information in an encyclopedic format, designed according to best practices. Its ultimate goal is to become the go-to source for information about Saudi Arabia in multiple languages.

Minister Al-Dosary emphasized the significance of 'Saudipedia' in advancing Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's vision. He underscored the platform's role in portraying Saudi Arabia's rich history, strong foundations, and unique cultural identity to the world.

'Saudipedia' is envisioned as the primary conduit for presenting the Saudi narrative globally. It aims to showcase the country's leadership, people, history, geography, and culture through a multilingual platform, beginning with Arabic.

The platform offers encyclopedic content that spans various dimensions of Saudi reality, encompassing cultural, social, economic, political, geographical, and historical aspects. With text content and multimedia components, it serves as an authentic source of encyclopedic knowledge. Regular updates ensure that the content accurately reflects the Kingdom's cultural heritage, civilization, history, and natural geography.

In essence, 'Saudipedia' seeks to promote a deeper understanding of Saudi Arabia's diverse facets and achievements. By contributing to the country's cultural and intellectual advancement on the global stage, it aims to play a pivotal role in shaping perceptions and fostering international dialogue about the Kingdom.

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