UAE Banks Embrace Biometric Fingerprint Verification for Customers

UAE banks are embarking on a significant upgrade to their terms and conditions, slated to commence from November 2023. As part of this transformative process, a number of these banks have officially announced their adoption of biometric fingerprinting as a primary method for verifying their customers' identities.

Biometric Identity for Customer Verification

Within this comprehensive update to the terms and conditions, financial institutions have revealed their intention to incorporate "biometric identity" as an accepted means of customer verification. This advanced identification method will stand alongside the existing techniques currently in use. The implementation of this new approach, referred to as the "fingerprint identification" system, will take effect from November 1, 2019.

Global Adoption of Biometric Security

Biometric systems, such as fingerprint and iris recognition, are widely recognized for their robust security features and have been adopted across the world to enhance security measures. By utilizing unique biometric templates, individuals' identities can be precisely verified, leaving no room for errors.

Various Means of Customer Identification

The banks in the UAE have reaffirmed their dedication to adopting a range of techniques for customer identification and verification. The "biometric identity" approach is one of them that has received formal recognition. Customers are expected to give their permission for the use of these verification techniques and acknowledge that such actions are binding under the law.

Customers must also consent to the gathering of biometric information, which includes unique physical and non-physical characteristics including voice, face, eye, and handprints, gait pattern, signature, and fingerprints. In compliance with existing legislation, the banks will use these biometric IDs to verify the veracity of customers' identities.

The UAE banks' dedication to increasing security and expediting customer authentication processes, in line with worldwide trends in technology and security advancement, is seen in their march toward biometric fingerprinting.

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