Saudi Arabia Detains Nearly 18,000 Illegal Expats and Workers in 7 Days

Saudi Arabia has recently conducted joint field operations resulting in the arrest of 17,976 individuals for violating residency, labour regulations, and border security rules.

The operations, spanning all regions of the country, took place from November 23 to 29, as reported by the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

Saudi Arabia Cracks Down on Residency and Labor Violations

The arrests include 10,881 illegal residents, 4,159 individuals violating border security regulations, and 2,936 contravening the labor system. Additionally, 700 people attempting to cross the border into the Kingdom were apprehended. Notably, 40% of them were Yemeni nationals, 56% were Ethiopians, and 4% were of other nationalities.

Cumulative Impact of Crackdown

This recent crackdown brings the total number of illegal expats subjected to procedures to over 51,000, with 9,343 individuals deported as part of the enforcement efforts.

Stringent Penalties and Legal Consequences

The Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia issued a stern reminder that individuals found aiding violators by facilitating their entry into the country or providing shelter could face severe consequences. Penalties include imprisonment for up to 15 years or fines reaching up to 1 million riyals.

Public involvement and reporting mechanisms

The Ministry of Interior encourages public cooperation and engagement in maintaining border and residency regulations. It has established hotlines, with 911 designated for Makkah Al Mukarramah, Riyadh, and Al Sharqiyah, and 999 and 996 for the rest of the kingdom. The public is urged to report any violations through these channels to contribute to the enforcement of regulations.

Emphasis on National Security and Compliance

This crackdown aligns with Saudi Arabia's commitment to national security and regulatory compliance. By actively pursuing and penalizing residency and labor violations, the authorities aim to uphold the integrity of the country's regulations and ensure the safety and well-being of its residents. The stringent penalties underscore the seriousness with which Saudi Arabia addresses such infractions, emphasizing the importance of adherence to established laws.

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