Saudi Arabia: Flynas launches Madinah Base and adds six new destinations

Saudi Arabia's flynas has marked a significant milestone by launching its latest operation base at Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah.

Flynas Expands Operations from Madinah Airport

Six additional destinations and routes have been added, improving connections for tourists, thanks to this deliberate step. Abha and Tabuk are two local destinations that have recently been added to the itineraries, while Dubai, Amman, Istanbul, and Ankara are four overseas destinations.

In addition to the flights already connecting Madinah to Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Cairo, Flynas intends to service eleven destinations from its newly formed base at Madinah Airport.

Flynas' Distinct Position with Four Kingdom-Wide Bases

Flynas now stands as the sole carrier, with operational bases at four key locations across the Kingdom, reflecting its commitment to expansion and growth. This strategic move aligns with the goals of the Pilgrim Experience Program (PEP) to facilitate access to the Two Holy Mosques and the National Civil Aviation Strategy, aiming to enable national air carriers to contribute to connecting 250 international destinations to Saudi Arabia.

Ambitious Targets and National Aviation Strategy

Saudi Arabia has set ambitious targets, aiming to reach 330 million passengers and attract 100 million tourists annually by 2030. Flynas' latest endeavors, including the establishment of the Madinah base and the introduction of new routes, align with the broader vision for the growth of the aviation sector in the Kingdom.

Bander Almohanna's Perspective

Bander Almohanna, the CEO and Managing Director of Flynas, emphasized that the launch of the new operation base and the inauguration of additional routes respond to the increasing demand for travel to Madinah, particularly from pilgrims and visitors to the holy mosque.

The capacity to operate ten routes from the new base is a direct outcome of the company's massive fleet expansion, which Almohanna emphasized. The all-Airbus fleet increased by over 100% in just two years. The Flynas' dedication to linking the world to the Kingdom is reinforced by this growth, which is part of the overarching expansion strategy that was launched last year.

Future expansion plans

Almohanna hinted at further expansion, with the promise of announcing more new destinations and routes in the future. He emphasized that the recent achievements were made possible through strategic decisions, including scaling up the Airbus fleet and signing agreements for new aircraft, aligning with the growth plan and the overarching slogan, 'We Connect the World to the Kingdom.'

Flynas' Current Reach and Future Vision

Operating more than 1,500 flights per week and serving over 60 million passengers since its establishment in 2007, Flynas currently connects more than 70 domestic and international destinations. In keeping with the goals stated in Saudi Vision 2030, which seeks to establish the Kingdom as a worldwide aviation center, the airline is planning to reach 165 domestic and international destinations.

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