Oman officially announced the issuance of two new taxi licenses

The Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology in Oman has embarked on a substantial initiative to elevate taxi services at the nation's airports.

Improved Services for Airport Taxi Management

The ministry recently issued licenses to two companies, granting them the authority to oversee and manage taxi services at Omani airports. This development comes after the licensed firms successfully fulfilled all the prerequisites outlined in the Land Transport Law.

Compliance and Commitment to Existing Taxi Owners

The licensed companies have demonstrated their commitment to accommodating all existing taxi owners who currently operate at Omani airports within their mobile applications. This ensures a seamless transition and inclusion of the existing taxi workforce in the revamped airport taxi services.

Skills Development and Technical Requirements

Moreover, as part of their commitment to enhancing the public transportation system in Oman, the parties receiving these licenses have pledged to invest in training programs for taxi owners and drivers operating within this segment. These training initiatives aim to sharpen the skills of the taxi workforce, fostering professionalism and improved service quality.

Additionally, they have committed to meeting all technical requirements stipulated by the Ministry in the licensing agreement. This includes adherence to specific technical standards and regulations, guaranteeing the safety and comfort of passengers who rely on airport taxi services.

In sum, the Ministry's decision to issue these licenses reflects its dedication to enhancing the overall quality and efficiency of transportation services at Omani airports. This move not only benefits taxi service providers but also contributes to an improved and more reliable transportation experience for the public traveling to and from these important gateways.

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