Pakistan: ex-PM Imran Khan and wife Bushra Bibi jailed for illegal marriage

After a Pakistani court deemed Imran Khan and Bushra Bibi's 2018 marriage to be unlawful and un-Islamic, the couple was each handed a seven-year prison sentence.

Khan is now doing time for corruption, but a court established within Adiala Jail heard a complaint from Bibi's ex-husband, who claimed that his ex-wife's remarriage to Khan breached Muslim family law. The court handed down its ruling on the matter. For a certain period following a divorce, this statute forbids women from getting married again. Bibi was determined to have remarried before the statutory period after her divorce.
Along with the seven-year prison term, the court also fined Khan and Bibi $1,800 Khan was elected prime minister in 2018, a few months before the couple's 2018 wedding. Bibi, a spiritual healer in her forties, is the third wife of Khan.

A politician who was formerly a cricket captain, Imran Khan, has claimed that many of the legal problems he has encountered are politically motivated. In 2022, he was removed from office as prime minister and is now incarcerated for corruption. His most recent sentencing included a decade in prison for the disclosure of secret papers and an additional fourteen years for heists committed with his wife with official gifts.

Bushra Bibi was granted the opportunity to spend her sentence under home arrest by the court.
Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party has accused the courts of trying him in "kangaroo courts," casting doubt on the legitimacy of the approaching election. Party leaders of the PTI have either gone into prison or defected, causing the party to be sidelined.

Protests broke out following Khan's detention last year, leading to the roundup of supporters. Following Khan's victory in the 2018 election, Pakistan's influential military establishment has begun to support Nawaz Sharif, a three-time prime minister who was imprisoned for corruption.

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