Urgent Riyadh: Public Security seizes a group of different nationalities working to promote drugs

A resident of Pakistani nationality, a female resident of Moroccan nationality, and three citizens were arrested in Riyadh by the General Directorate for Narcotics Control.

Residents of Pakistani nationality in the Riyadh region promoted (17,780) tablets subject to medical circulation regulation, and they were halted, legal action was taken against them, and they were referred to Public Prosecution.Moroccan citizens also sold (14.5 kilograms) of narcotic hashish, narcotic amphetamine, and medically restricted medications. Two guns and cash were discovered in their possession. They were arrested, legal action was initiated against them, and they were referred to the appropriate authorities.
Manateqs - Turki bin Mansour was also detained for marketing 5.5 kilograms of the drug "shabu" The Makkah Region police arrested two Pakistani citizens for promoting (5.5) kilograms of the narcotic methamphetamine (shabu) and the narcotic hashish, and they were detained and regular actions were taken against them, as well as referral to the competent authority.It urges security officials to report any information available to citizens and residents about drug smuggling or promotion by dialing (911) in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Province, and (999) in the rest of the Kingdom's regions, as well as the General Directorate's communications number. Anti-Narcotics (995), emphasizing that all reports would be treated in complete confidence.

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