Supporting more than 100 Saudi families to pay arrears of electricity bills and others

The Sharjah Charity Association was successful in assisting a substantial section of defaulters in paying the dues of electricity and water utility bills, one of the most vital characteristics of a decent existence for the family, during the first half of this year.

The association stated that it was able to assist 101 disadvantaged households in paying arrears of power and water bills during the first half of this year after the competent authorities issued a final notice to shut off supplies from their houses.
The organization stated that it had received several requests for assistance relating to failure to pay utility bills in the recent past and that it is now reviewing all requests submitted to it. The financial strain on poor families who are classified as having a low income.
She emphasized that the interruption of these services would make the lives of families more unbearable. Given the high temperatures in the summer, the need to operate cooling devices is critical, and if services are interrupted, the members of those families will experience more suffering, exhaustion, dispersion, and a decline in health safety.
In this regard, the association explained that it receives defaulters' requests, which must be documented to prove the eligibility of those families for assistance by bringing official documents that prove the interruption of services or notices that they received of the interruption of services from them, along with the rest of the documents and other documents related to the status of residency and the value of income. The extent of the family's financial responsibilities and the monthly payment. The help teams also work with the appropriate authorities to locate the records of distressed families to examine their financial and living conditions to decide whether or not to pay the payments owed to the most vulnerable groups.

How to make a donation

The association extended its appeal to donors who want to help service bill defaulters through aid programs that it is working to put in place throughout the year. The association receives donations from its fans via the website, the smart link, coupon collectors, text messages, credit card, and bank transfer donations, as well as cash donations through the association's headquarters, branches, and representatives in commercial centers and places of worship, as well as through Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

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