UAE warns against overtaking across the shoulder of the road

Abu Dhabi Police have issued a stern warning to motorists, advising against overtaking from the shoulder of the road.

Abu Dhabi Police Caution Against Unsafe Overtaking on Road Shoulders

This hazardous practice not only jeopardizes the safety of road users but also obstructs the designated emergency lanes intended for ambulances, civil defense, and police vehicles. The shoulder serves as a crucial space in emergency situations, ensuring swift access for these vehicles to reach accident sites and provide urgent services.

Initiative for Public Awareness

In collaboration with the Monitoring and Control Center, Abu Dhabi Police has launched the initiative "You have the comment." As part of this initiative, a video depicting the violation of overtaking from the road shoulder was broadcast. The objective is to raise public awareness about the significance of preserving the shoulder for emergency vehicles, emphasizing its role in facilitating rapid response to accidents, transporting the injured via ambulances, and ultimately saving lives.

Legal Consequences of Violating Traffic Laws

Abu Dhabi Police underscored the legal consequences of such violations, citing Article 42 of the Federal Traffic Law. According to this article, overtaking from the shoulder of the road is considered a traffic offense, attracting a penalty of 1000 dirhams and six traffic points. This legal framework aims to deter motorists from engaging in unsafe overtaking practices, reinforcing the importance of adhering to traffic regulations.

Educating the Public on Emergency Lane Use

The dissemination of this information is crucial to educating the public about the specific purpose of road shoulders and fostering a sense of responsibility among motorists. By highlighting the potential dangers associated with improper overtaking, Abu Dhabi Police seeks to instill a culture of compliance with traffic laws and a collective commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all road users.

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