Dubai RTA announces an increase in the minimum top-up amount for the Nol card

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has declared a modification to the minimal top-up quantity for Nol cards, effective January 15.

The forthcoming minimal top-up requirement will be Dh20, as opposed to the existing minimum of Dh5.

Nol Card Minimum Top-Up Increased to Dh20 Starting January 15

At present, commuters have the flexibility to add a minimum of Dh5 to their Nol cards. However, to cover a round trip on the Metro transit network, a balance of Dh15 is necessary on the Nol card.

Versatility of Nol Card Usage

The Nol card, functioning as a prepaid smart card, serves as a versatile payment method for public transport in Dubai, encompassing the Dubai Metro, buses, trams, and waterbuses. Its utility extends beyond transportation to cover taxi fares, parking fees, entry to public parks in Dubai, visits to the Etihad Museum, and transactions at over 2,000 establishments, including shops, restaurants, and stores across the city.

Convenient top-up options

In order to facilitate the supplementing of virtual cards, commuters may employ a range of alternatives, such as vending machines for RTA tickets, solar-powered top-up machines, or the Nol Pay application.

"Nol Plus" Loyalty and Rewards Program

The RTA has introduced Nol Plus, an exclusive loyalty and rewards program for Nol card holders. Members accrue points and receive special benefits each time they use their Nol card for Dubai Metro, taxi fares, public buses, or parking charges. These loyalty points can be redeemed to top up the Nol account or avail discounts while shopping or dining at select restaurants.

Enhancing User Experience and Efficiency

While the adjustment in the minimum top-up may present a change for users, it reflects the RTA's commitment to enhancing the overall user experience. The aim is to ensure the continued effectiveness of the Nol card system in facilitating seamless and efficient public transportation and transactions across Dubai. This proactive approach aligns with the RTA's dedication to improving services for the benefit of commuters and residents alike.

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