UAE Enforces Weight Limits for Heavy Vehicles on roads from 2024

The federal law is designed with a primary objective, to safeguard the nation's sophisticated infrastructure while concurrently elevating road safety standards.

Weight Restrictions Take Effect in 2024

The UAE has announced a federal rule that would forbid heavy vehicles weighing more than 65 tonnes from accessing its roads, with implementation set for the year 2024. This is a significant measure meant to preserve the country's cutting-edge infrastructure and raise road safety standards. This significant action is governed by a comprehensive federal law that controls vehicle weights and was authorized by the UAE Cabinet.

Advanced Monitoring with Electronic Gates

The authorities will build a smart electronic gate system that can measure and monitor the weights and dimensions of large vehicles in order to efficiently enforce this weight restriction. By preventing overloading, this technical breakthrough guarantees adherence to the new regulation and improves road safety.

Rewarding Federal Employees and Handling Labor Disputes

Alongside the weight restriction law, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum introduced a system of rewards and incentives for federal government employees. These incentives are divided into three categories: recognition for outstanding annual performance, acknowledgment of exceptional achievements within the entity, and accolades for achievements at the state level.

Additionally, the law designates the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation to handle labor disputes with contested claims valued at less than Dh50,000, streamlining the resolution process for labor-related issues.

Regulating the Energy Sector and New Legislation

During the Cabinet meeting, another significant development unfolded as a federal regulator for water and electricity was announced. This regulatory body will oversee electricity and water trading both within the UAE and abroad, operating under the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure.

In a comprehensive legislative push, the UAE Cabinet embraced 11 new federal laws. These encompass diverse areas such as e-commerce, media, reproductive health, the space sector, and the use of human genome information, reflecting the country's commitment to staying at the forefront of legal and technological advancements.

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