The Ministry of Interior for Military Affairs officially announces the date for applying for soldier jobs

Begin accepting applications for admission to public security employment, the military rank for high school campaigns, the admission link, and the academic qualification update link

The General Administration of Central Admission at the Ministry of Interior's Agency for Military Affairs has set the day after tomorrow (Saturday) as the deadline for admission and registration for the position of "soldier" in some Ministry of Interior sectors such as "public security and prisons."

The application process will be open till next Thursday via the "Absher - Recruitment" website.

She also stated that the application will be available until next Thursday through the "Absher - Employment" platform, with the applicant requiring a high school diploma or its equivalent, as well as being of Saudi origin and origin, except those who grew up with his parents while serving the state outside the Kingdom.

She also stated that the applicant must be of good character and reputation, must not have been convicted of a crime against honour and trust, that has not previously been appointed to a job subject to the military service system, that his weight is proportionate to his height according to medical regulations, and that he is not married to a non-Saudi woman.
The candidate must be of Saudi origin and origin, according to the conditions.
The nationality clause does not apply to those who grew up with their parents while serving outside the Kingdom.
A high school diploma or its equivalent is required.
It is also required that the applicant be of excellent character and reputation and that they have not been convicted to judgements that violate honour and trust.
The applicant must also have never been appointed to a job that is subject to the military service system.
According to the regulations, the candidate must pass a medical examination.
The applicant must not be married to a woman who is not Saudi.
If schooling was completed outside of the Kingdom, an equivalence certificate is required.
She added that the criteria also required the candidate to pass all admission procedures and tests, as well as the equivalency of Ministry of Education certifications issued outside the Kingdom with their certification.

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