The Emirates Introduces new fare for taxis

Ajman's transport authority introduced new taxi fares on Thursday, coinciding with the release of September's fuel rates.

The Ajman Transport Authority

Taxi fares in Ajman have been raised by 6-fils from August's Dh1.84 per kilometer to Dh1.90 per kilometer for the current month. The price of gasoline has increased for the third consecutive month, with Super 98 now costing Dh3.42 a liter (up from Dh3.14) and Special 95 costing Dh3.31 (from Dh3.02). E-Plus 91's current pricing is Dh3.23, an increase of 9.5% over its prior Dh2.95 cost. Local rates continue to be one-third lower than the worldwide average notwithstanding these increases.

Introducing an Innovative Taxi Booking System

Moreover, the Ras Al Khaimah Transport Authority has introduced a QR code-based taxi booking system across the entire emirate. This initiative aligns perfectly with the authority's overarching goal of enhancing the regulation of the transportation sector and providing a reliable and secure transportation experience.

The QR code system allows customers to order taxis by scanning codes at their location, with the technology automatically determining the customer's location and sending requests to nearby taxis equipped with smart meters. This innovative service, initially available in hospitals and health centers, is now expanding to cater to customer needs and enhance the emirate's quality of life.

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