Saudi embassy says no nationals involved in Chicago school assault incident

In reaction to news stories about a possible attack at Glendale Heights, Chicago's Glenside Middle School, the Saudi Embassy and the Consulate General in Houston have issued statements. According to the news accounts, the victim, a young woman with a headscarf, was believed to be a Saudi national.

The incident involved an assault on a girl who had been a student at the school for two months, according to the Associated Press report and coverage by various media outlets. Video footage circulated showing the girl being placed in a headlock and pushed to the ground near some lockers.

In their statement, the Saudi missions conducted thorough investigations and communicated with relevant American authorities. They clarified that no information confirmed the victim's Saudi citizenship, and neither the embassy nor the consulate had received any reports of a Saudi citizen being involved in the incident.

The Saudi Embassy and the Consulate General expressed their ongoing commitment to verifying the facts of the incident and emphasized their dedication to the security and safety of all Saudi citizens in the United States.

The response from the Saudi missions comes amidst concerns about the safety and well-being of students, particularly those from different cultural backgrounds or wearing religious attire. Incidents of assault or harassment against individuals based on their appearance or cultural identity are a matter of serious concern.

The assurance from the Saudi Embassy and Consulate General underscores the importance of accurate information and thorough investigations before drawing conclusions about the nationality or identity of individuals involved in such incidents. It also highlights the need for continued efforts to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all students, regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds. Authorities, both in the United States and globally, play a crucial role in addressing and preventing incidents of harassment or assault in educational institutions, fostering an atmosphere of respect, tolerance, and understanding.

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