Alat plans $100bn investment in tech, announces 4 partners in Saudi Arabia

The newly established Saudi tech enterprise, Alat, is poised to invest $100bn with the goal of positioning the Kingdom as a prominent global technology center.

Alat announces global collaboration to propel Saudi Arabia's tech industry.

Alat has announced new alliances with four well-known IT companies: Tahakom, Dahua Technology, Carrier Corporation, and Softbank Group. By working together, these businesses want to speed up the adoption of sustainable manufacturing processes and eventually achieve carbon neutrality in their output.

The dedication of Alat to transforming manufacturing through the exploitation of sustainable energy was stressed by Amit Midha, the global CEO of the firm. With the help of renewable energy sources like solar and wind, as well as green hydrogen, Alat plans to revolutionize manufacturing by incorporating state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and technology from the fourth industrial revolution.

In a bid to accelerate its ambitious agenda, Alat has forged the following global alliances:

  1. Softbank Group: Alat will collaborate with Softbank to establish a state-of-the-art industrial automation business in Saudi Arabia. This venture will focus on producing groundbreaking industrial robots, with an initial investment of up to $150 million. The goal is to inaugurate a fully automated manufacturing and engineering facility by December 2024.

  2. Carrier Corporation: A partnership with Carrier Corporation aims to develop an advanced manufacturing and R&D facility dedicated to enhancing energy efficiency and reducing emissions in buildings. This collaboration will deliver cutting-edge HVAC solutions and create over 5,000 local job opportunities.

  3. Dahua Technology Ltd.: Alat and Dahua Technology will establish a joint venture, Alat AIVisio Technology Co. Ltd., to manufacture technology products for safety and surveillance applications. A $200 million investment will support the creation of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia, focusing on vision-centric products for intelligent cities and enterprises.

  4. Tahakom: Collaborating with Tahakom, Alat seeks to advance smart mobility and intelligent city solutions aligned with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030. This partnership will drive innovation in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), fostering technological advancement in urban development.

Alat plans to innovate across seven business units, encompassing semiconductors, smart devices, smart buildings, smart appliances, smart health, advanced industrials, and next-gen infrastructure. With an array of products spanning 34 categories, Alat aims to lead the charge in transforming Saudi Arabia into a global technology powerhouse underpinned by sustainable manufacturing practices.

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