Saudi Arabia luxury train "Desert Dream" set to launch in late 2025

Journeying from the North Train Station in Riyadh through Hail, the "Desert Dream" luxury train service will culminate its route at the passenger train station in Qurayyat.

Saudi Railways Company (SAR) and the esteemed Italian Arsenale Group, renowned for orchestrating deluxe train excursions, have joined forces to introduce the opulent "Desert Dream" train to Saudi Arabia. Comprising 40 lavish cabins, this train is set to open for reservations later this year, with actual operations scheduled to commence in the fourth quarter of 2025.

This innovative train service aims to facilitate exploration of diverse regions within the kingdom, providing an integrated framework of sumptuous transportation services. As part of Saudi Railway's commitment to augmenting tourism and entertainment offerings, the luxury train's initial route will link Riyadh and Qurayyat. Embarking from the North Train Station in Riyadh and traversing through Hail, the journey will culminate at the passenger train station in Qurayyat.

Building upon the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed on March 15, 2023, between Saudi Railways Company and Arsenale Group, the recent agreement delineates the launch plans for the "Desert Dream" project. Paolo Barletta, Chairman of Arsenale Group, disclosed the commencement of the initial production stages of the train in Italy, aligning with the stipulated schedule.

Dr. Bashar bin Khaled Al-Malik, CEO of Saudi Railways Company, underscored that the envisioned luxury train service represents a groundbreaking endeavor for Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, introducing a heightened spectrum of transportation choices that elevate service quality.

The "Desert Dream" train initiative aligns seamlessly with the Saudi National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services, contributing to enhancing the quality of life and reinforcing overarching national strategies.

Arsenale Group, recognized for its expertise in luxury travel, international hotel and resort management, and upscale hospitality, has invested over SAR200 million in the "Desert Dream" train. Concurrently, the organization is actively engaged in sustainable initiatives, managing a collection of six tourist trains in Italy, exemplifying its commitment to providing premium luxury services.

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