Saudi Arabia Introduces Five Premium Residency Products

Saudi Arabia has launched five new visa categories, named "Premium Residency Products," as part of its efforts to enhance international appeal, attract investors, and tap into skilled professionals.

Saudi Arabia launches new visas

This initiative seeks to expedite Saudi Arabia's transition to a diverse, knowledge-based economy, which is in line with the economic reform objectives of Saudi Vision 2030. All applicants are given the option to select one of five distinct residence categories: unique talent, gifted, investor, entrepreneur, or real estate owner.

The introduction of these visas seeks to expedite Saudi Arabia's economic transformation by creating employment opportunities and facilitating knowledge transfer. Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Alkassabi, Chairman of the Premium Residency Centre, emphasized the center's openness to individuals capable of making substantial economic contributions, supporting the nation's rapid progress.

Categories and Targeted Individuals

1. Special Talent Category:

  • Targets executives and professionals in healthcare, science, and research.
  • Recruits people whose specialties will aid in the dissemination of new information and technological know-how.

2. Gifted Category:

  • Prioritizes the integration of gifted and qualified professionals into the cultural and sports industries.

3. Investor Category:

  • Designed specifically for those looking to invest in Saudi Arabia's booming economy,.

4. Entrepreneur Category:

  • Designed for aspiring entrepreneurs and owners of innovative projects, it fosters economic transformation.

5. Real estate category:

  • Designed for Saudi Arabian property owners who are looking for a high standard of living,.

Benefits and Collaboration

Through its partnerships with other government entities, the Premium Residency Center guarantees that visa holders are granted several benefits, such as the ability to own property, engage in business, and legally employ family members. This step exemplifies Saudi Arabia's determination to attract international talent and investment and is an integral part of the kingdom's plan to diversify its economy. There has been no announcement about the specifics of investor and entrepreneur visas, such as the fees and duration of validity.

Proposing to experienced professionals and investors to participate in the nation's progress and advancement, these Premium Residency products are in line with Saudi Arabia's objective of economic diversification.

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