Abu Dhabi introduces "Easy Payment" for Mawaqif and Darb violations

The Integrated Transport Center of the Department of Municipalities and Transport in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has introduced a new service called "Easy Payment," enabling customers to settle fines, including parking and traffic toll gate violations, through installment plans.

The service aims to enhance customer satisfaction by providing convenient payment options.

Service Details

The "Easy Payment" service is currently available in collaboration with First Abu Dhabi Bank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and Emirates Islamic Bank. Credit card holders from these banks can take advantage of the service, with plans to extend partnerships to other banks by mid-2024.

How It Works

Customers can utilize the service if the total value of the violations is not less than 3,000 dirhams. To access the service, customers can visit Abu Dhabi Government Services Centers "Tamm" or the customer happiness centers at the main headquarters of the Abu Dhabi City Municipality and the main headquarters of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi in Al Ain City. The option to pay the balance in installments over periods of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months is available after paying the outstanding fines. Importantly, no interest or profit is applied during the installment period.

Payment Process

Customers can pay fines using a credit card at the designated centers. Subsequently, they need to contact the bank that issued their credit card and submit a request to pay the outstanding amount in installments, choosing a duration that suits their financial preferences.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

The introduction of the "Easy Payment" service reflects the center's commitment to streamlining the payment process and providing flexible payment plans. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, the center aims to contribute to Abu Dhabi's reputation as one of the world's premier cities for living and investment.

This initiative aligns with the broader goal of facilitating convenient and accessible services for residents and visitors, fostering a positive experience within the emirate.

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