Dubai Taxi introduces new service, offering 50% off for people of determination

The Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) has introduced a new service to make the city more accessible for those with disabilities, especially those who do not have mobility difficulties.

Dubai Taxi Company unveils a new service for people of determination

People who are determined may now easily reserve standard taxis using the DTC app, giving them another option if they don't need wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Accessible Booking:

The DTC app makes it possible for those with non-motor impairments to book normal cabs, making it a more accessible mode of transportation.

Discounts for Sanad Card Holders:

Users holding the Sanad card for people of determination in Dubai can avail themselves of the same 50 percent discount offered for the dedicated service, making the service economically accessible.

Innovative and proactive services

Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, Acting Chief Business Transformation Officer at Dubai Taxi Company, highlighted that the introduction of this new service aligns with the company's commitment to continuously improve its services. The goal is to offer an innovative model of smart and proactive services, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction, particularly among people of determination.

Meeting growing demand

Acknowledging the increasing demand for DTC's vehicles designed for people of determination, Al Meer emphasized that the digital service launch is part of the company's efforts to expand and streamline transportation services. By leveraging modern and efficient methods, this initiative aims to provide top-tier transportation services to people of determination, contributing significantly to Dubai's reputation as an inclusive city.

Enhanced Mobility for All

The new service is not limited to residents but also caters to visitors and tourists with disabilities. By offering convenient and swift access to regular taxi services, the initiative aims to further enhance the mobility of people of determination, aligning with global standards for inclusive transportation services.

Moreover, the Dubai Taxi Company's commitment to improving accessibility through innovative digital services demonstrates its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities and contributing to Dubai's inclusive cityscape.

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