Saudi Arabia Commits SR100 Million to Combat terrorism

Saudi Arabia has pledged SR100 million ($26.6 million) to back the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism alliance (IMCTC), according to Prince Khalid bin Salman, Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers of the alliance.

This announcement took place during the second meeting of the IMCTC defense ministers in Riyadh, attended by defense ministers from 42 member states and three supporting countries, under the theme "Fighting terrorism is a shared responsibility."

Prince Khalid expressed gratitude to King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the Kingdom's support for the Fund for Financing Initiatives of the IMCTC. He emphasized that this affirms Saudi Arabia's dedication to promoting values of moderation while rejecting violence and extremism.

The minister highlighted the role of Islamic teachings in combating extremism and terrorism for global security and peace. The funding is intended to support the Initiatives Fund and conduct 46 training programs for candidates from member states, focusing on coalition work. Additionally, a new initiative titled "The Islamic Military Coalition Program to Combat Terrorism for the Sahel Countries" will be launched.

Prince Khalid urged member states to contribute to supporting the Fund for Financing Initiatives and providing training programs, aligning with the IMCTC's objectives. He underscored the coalition's commitment to combating terrorism through coordinated efforts and joint initiatives over the next three years.

Addressing the Israeli aggression on Gaza, Prince Khalid called for a unified position by coalition members to condemn Israeli violations in accordance with the decisions of the extraordinary joint Arab summit held in Riyadh on November 11, 2023.

The meeting discussed ways to strengthen the fight against terrorism and enhance efforts through strategic partnerships. Prince Khalid held discussions with officials from Kuwait, Libya, Djibouti, Sudan, and Mauritania on regional and international developments, common interests, and defense and military cooperation.

The IMCTC is a coalition of 41 Muslim nations fighting ISIS and other terrorist activities that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman established in December 2015. The coalition aims to combat terrorism intellectually and militarily while drying up its sources of funding.

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