Saudi Arabia: 14,955 Illegal Residents Apprehended in Week

In Saudi Arabia, a series of joint field campaigns has resulted in the apprehension of 14,955 individuals who violated residency, work, and border security regulations, reflecting the Kingdom's commitment to upholding its stringent laws.

These operations, carried out from February 22, 2024, to February 28, 2024, were part of nationwide security initiatives aimed at enforcing legal compliance.

During these campaigns, authorities targeted individuals found to be in breach of residency rules, with 9,080 individuals detained for this offense. Additionally, 3,088 individuals were apprehended for violating border security protocols, and 2,787 individuals were found to be in contravention of labor laws.

Furthermore, 849 individuals were intercepted while attempting unauthorized entry into the Kingdom, predominantly from Yemen and Ethiopia, while 99 individuals were caught trying to exit the country unlawfully.

The crackdown also resulted in the arrest of six individuals involved in facilitating the transportation, housing, and employment of violators, as well as providing them with shelter.

Presently, legal proceedings are underway for 57,787 violators, the majority of whom are male. Efforts are being made to repatriate these individuals, with 51,401 referred to their respective diplomatic missions for the issuance of travel documents, 1,763 undergoing finalization of travel arrangements, and 10,256 already deported.

The Ministry of Interior has emphasized the severe penalties for those found aiding violators, including imprisonment for up to 15 years, fines of up to one million riyals, confiscation of vehicles and residences used for illegal activities, and public defamation.

This offense is classified as a major crime, tarnishing one's reputation and integrity. The Ministry has urged the public to report any instances of such violations through dedicated hotlines established across various regions of the Kingdom.

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