Kuwaiti Embassy raises Concerns Over Map Error During Lecture in Egypt

Following the exhibition of a map of the Arab world lacking Kuwait's acknowledged international borders during a lecture, the Kuwaiti embassy in Cairo recently raised the matter with local authorities.

The Incident and Kuwait's Response

The incident occurred during a course that had Kuwaiti officers in attendance, prompting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kuwait to release a statement regarding the matter.

During the lecture, a map omitting Kuwait's internationally recognized borders was presented. This omission understandably raised concerns and led to the Kuwaiti embassy addressing the issue with relevant authorities in Cairo. The incident underscored the sensitivity surrounding territorial boundaries and the importance of accurately representing them in educational settings.

Egyptian Authorities' Clarification

Subsequently, Egyptian authorities clarified that the omission of Kuwait's borders on the map was not intentional but rather a genuine mistake made by the lecturer. They emphasized that the incident should not be misinterpreted as a deliberate act. Furthermore, the organizers of the session issued an apology to all attendees, reaffirming that they had no intention of offending the State of Kuwait.

Preserving Brotherly Relations

In their statement, the Kuwaiti authorities stressed the significance of maintaining strong and brotherly relations between the two nations. While the incident raised concerns, both sides expressed their commitment to resolving the issue amicably and ensuring that it does not adversely affect the longstanding ties between Kuwait and Egypt.

The incident involving the incorrect map presentation during a lecture in Cairo serves as a reminder of the importance of accurate representations, especially when dealing with sensitive topics such as international borders. The swift response from both Kuwaiti and Egyptian authorities, along with their commitment to preserving their strong bilateral relationship, demonstrates their dedication to resolving such issues diplomatically and maintaining harmonious ties.

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