Kuwait announces Stringent Procedures for Expat Bachelors Civil Cards

The Public Authority for Civil Information in Kuwait has recently implemented more stringent procedures for the issuance or renewal of civil cards for expatriate bachelors in the country, according to a report.

The heightened measures include a thorough verification process for rental contracts, with a specific focus on scrutinizing the owner's signature. Additionally, the authority has collaborated with a committee to address concerns related to unmarried individuals residing in private and residential areas. This collaboration aims to ensure the accuracy of reported locations by cross-referencing civil cards.

Khaled Al-Shammari, the official spokesperson for the Public Authority for Civil Information, emphasized the authority's commitment to maintaining an address list that explicitly prohibits the registration of bachelors in private housing. To enforce this restriction, automated procedures and systems have been implemented.

In addition, Al-Shammari brought attention to the fact that the authority is actively involved in a government committee that aims to ban bachelors from living in traditional neighborhoods. The committee is always on the lookout for complaints and checks the premises for infractions.

The Authority's website and the government-wide app Sahel both provide access to an expatriate data service that was launched in 2021. Using this service, building owners may get statistics about expatriates. Property owners have the option to utilize the service to automatically register complaints and make the required data modifications in the event that issues are found.

These initiatives underscore the Public Authority for Civil Information's commitment to maintaining accurate records, addressing concerns related to expatriate bachelors, and collaborating with relevant committees to enforce regulations and prevent unauthorized habitation in specific areas.

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