Dubai illuminates Metro stations with 20,000 LED lights, saving 16m kilowatts

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has successfully concluded the first and second phases of its energy conservation project, involving the installation of 19,968 energy-efficient LED bulbs across metro stations and facilities.

This initiative, implemented over two years, has resulted in substantial energy savings of approximately 16.7 million kilowatts, equivalent to Dh7.6 million, and a noteworthy reduction of 7,283 tons of CO2 emissions.

The primary objective of this project is to contribute to Dubai's global reputation as a sustainable and livable city. As part of RTA's broader commitment to sustainability, the initiative aligns with Dubai's integrated energy strategy, which aims to achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption by 2030.

Project details were emphasized by Mohammed Al Amiri, Director of Rail Maintenance at RTA's Train Agency. In 2021, the first phase began by switching out 7,200 incandescent light bulbs for more efficient LEDs. This made a difference of about 4,981,000 watts and reduced the carbon impact by 2,142.24 tons of CO2 in just one year.

During the second phase, 12,768 energy-efficient light bulbs were replaced, resulting in an additional 4,981,964 kilowatts of savings and a decrease of 5,141 tons of carbon dioxide. Phase three is under underway and is nearly five percent complete; it aims to install 12,717 energy-efficient lighting systems in Dubai Metro parking lots and related amenities. At the end of this phase, we expect to save 5,141 tons of carbon dioxide and 7,296,576 kilowatts of power every year.

Emphasizing the significance of LED lighting systems, Al Amiri highlighted their capacity to significantly lower energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and exhibit a longer lifespan, contributing to enhanced efficiency and sustainability. The decision to implement LED lighting aligns with RTA's broader commitment to fostering environmentally conscious practices in its public transportation system.

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