Abu Dhabi Unifies Public Bus Fares for Improved Operational Efficiency

Abu Dhabi takes a significant step towards simplifying public transportation with the implementation of uniform pricing for all its public buses.

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) introduces a unified fare scheme, ensuring consistency in ticket structures for both urban and suburban locations.

Unified Fare Scheme

In an effort to foster a more open and economical public transport system, the ITC announces the adoption of a unified fare scheme. This initiative aims to streamline the fare structure, making it more accessible and cost-efficient for passengers across the city and its suburban areas.

Standardised base fare and distance-based charges

All bus riders, whether in the city or the suburbs, will now be required to pay the same base charge of Dh2. Also, there is now an additional fee of 5 fils for every kilometre that is travelled. There is a clear and consistent price plan, with a maximum of Dh5 per trip. The necessity for riders to pay the basic ticket each time they transfer buses is thus removed.

'Free Change of Buses' Policy: Conditions for Passengers

The ITC outlines conditions for passengers utilising multiple buses to reach their destination under the 'free change of buses' policy:

  • Reasonable Period of Time: Passengers must make their bus changes within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Limited Changes: The number of bus changes should not exceed two times, ensuring a maximum of three buses are used to complete the journey.
  • No Change in the Opposite Direction: Changes must align with the planned itinerary, prohibiting shifts in the opposite direction.

Convenient Smart Card Payment System

The 'Hafalat' smart card allows customers to pay when their trip is over, which is a great convenience for them. Sliding one's card upon boarding and again before disembarking allows for fare computation depending on the distance travelled. The maximum cost will be applied if the card is not swiped at the end of the trip.

Encouraging public transportation usage

Passengers can enjoy even more ease at the end of their trip by paying using the 'Hafalat' smart card. Passengers must swipe their cards both when boarding and when disembarking, and the fare is calculated according to the distance travelled. If the card is not swiped at the end of the trip, the maximum cost will be applied.

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