39 Fuel Stations Closed by Saudi Authorities for Violations

Saudi authorities have recently taken action against 39 fuel stations suspected of fraudulent practices aimed at altering the quantities of fuel dispensed at their pumps.

The Saudi government has lately cracked down on 39 gas stations that were thought to have engaged in fraudulent methods to change the amounts of fuel that were supplied from their pumps. Inspection searches in 19 Saudi cities and governorates found devices installed illegally to alter gasoline quantities delivered to drivers, prompting these sanctions.

The inspections were led by the Permanent Executive Committee for Fuel Stations and Service Centers, comprising officials from the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, and the Saudi Standards, Metrology, and Quality Organization (SASO).

As part of their investigations, officials found proof that these stations' pumps had been tampered with by unauthorized equipment. It was also found that these stations did not follow the rules set out by the Anti-Commercial Fraud Law and the Law of Calibration and Measurements.

Consequently, legal actions have been initiated against both the fuel stations and their personnel for violations of these laws. The implicated parties are being referred to the public prosecution to pursue further legal procedures.

The Permanent Executive Committee underscored the critical importance of adherence to all regulations governing the gas station and service center sectors. They emphasized the necessity for gas stations and their staff to uphold these standards diligently, without tolerance for any infractions. Stringent penalties will be imposed on individuals found guilty of deceiving or misleading consumers, in accordance with established regulations.

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