Pakistan Airlines Fined After Hostess Flies to Canada without passport

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) faced a significant penalty after one of its air hostesses managed to reach Canada without possessing a passport.

According to reports from ARY News, the air hostess boarded flight PK-781 from Islamabad to Toronto using only PIA General Declaration documents, bypassing the standard requirement for a passport. This unprecedented incident led to a substantial fine imposed on the national carrier for allowing flight attendants to enter Canada without proper documentation.

A representative from PIA verified the $250 penalty and stressed how severe the infraction was. Nevertheless, the representative denied rumors that the flight attendant planned to request political asylum in Canada once she arrived. Concerns over the well-being and safety of airline employees on foreign routes have been heightened by the suspected disappearance of over ten PIA air hostesses in Canada during the last two years.

Jibran Baloch, another member of the PIA cabin crew, was reported missing in Canada on March 1. Baloch, a flight steward, was supposed to be back at work on PIA aircraft PK-782 from Toronto to Pakistan on February 29, but he didn't show up. Similarly, Maryam Raza, a female air hostess, vanished from her hotel room while still in her uniform with a letter that said, "Thank you, PIA."

In response to these incidents and other setbacks in the aviation industry, Pakistan's Aircraft Owners and Operators Association (AOOA) released a white paper on March 14. The paper highlighted issues such as a lack of professionalism, pilot license problems, and the subsequent ban imposed by European Union countries on Pakistani airlines' operations within their territories. The AOOA emphasized the necessity of appointing suitable individuals to key positions within the industry and proposed measures to address the decline.

The white paper serves as a call to action for the aviation sector, urging stakeholders to implement reforms and uphold higher standards of professionalism. It underscores the importance of rectifying systemic issues to restore confidence in Pakistani airlines and ensure their compliance with international regulations. Ultimately, the aim is to revive the industry's reputation and pave the way for sustainable growth and success in the future.

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