The launch of European Sleeper night train extended route to Prague from Berlin

European travelers now have the opportunity to embark on a seamless journey from Brussels to Prague, courtesy of the inauguration of a novel sleeper train service.

This new venture, dubbed the 'Good Night Train,' marks the latest addition to the offerings of European Sleeper, a burgeoning start-up in the transportation sector. Commencing its maiden voyage from Belgium's capital on the evening of March 25, the train is set to traverse through prominent European cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin en route to its final destination in the Czech Republic.

This initiative serves as a significant augmentation to Europe's nocturnal rail network, following the successful implementation of European Sleeper's Brussels to Berlin route in May 2023. Looking ahead, the company's co-founder, Elmer Van Buuren, expresses aspirations for further expansion, articulating a commitment to introducing a new route annually. Such endeavors align with the overarching mission to foster a more interconnected and sustainable transportation infrastructure across the continent.

Van Buuren sheds light on the underlying motivation driving this endeavor, citing the phenomenon of 'flight shame' prevalent in Sweden, wherein individuals are admonished for exacerbating carbon emissions through air travel. In response, European Sleeper emerges as a viable eco-friendly alternative, requiring comparatively modest investment. Moreover, the convenience offered by trains, with their departure and arrival points situated within city centers, presents a compelling proposition when juxtaposed with the logistical challenges associated with air travel.

The revival of night trains, once commonplace but now relegated to obscurity, resonates deeply with Van Buuren's vision. He envisions these journeys as transformative experiences, allowing passengers to rest and rejuvenate while traversing vast distances, ultimately awakening in a new city primed for professional engagements. This resurgence of overnight rail travel is indicative of a broader trend sweeping across Europe, with Van Buuren expressing satisfaction in witnessing the Czech Republic's embrace of this renaissance.

The introduction of the Brussels to Prague sleeper train epitomizes European Sleeper's commitment to revolutionizing intercity travel, offering an environmentally conscious and seamlessly integrated mode of transportation that transcends mere conveyance to embody an ethos of sustainability and convenience.

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