Indian Navy Holds 35 Somali Pirates, Remanded to 10-Day police Custody

The 35 Somali pirates who were captured by the Indian Navy on board the INS Kolkata following a 40-hour operation were given 10-day police detention by a Mumbai court.

An official declaration by the Indian Navy revealed that the operation, which began on March 15, successfully detained the pirates, ensuring the safety of 17 crew members from the pirate vessel without injuries.

As part of the rescue operation, the Indian Naval Ship INS Kolkata engaged in a number of strategic maneuvers that brought the pirate ship Ruen to a stop, even though it was almost 2,600 kilometers from the coast of India. Securing the operation and aiding the safe evacuation of the crew members were made possible by the combined efforts of the following: the Indian Navy's INS Subhadra, HALE RPA drones, P8I maritime patrol aircraft, and MARCOS PRAHARs, which were airdropped by C-17 aircraft.

The ex-MV Ruen, previously commandeered by Somali pirates on December 14, 2023, reemerged as a threat to merchant shipping in the high seas. Swiftly responding to the danger, an Indian Navy warship engaged the pirate vessel, successfully neutralizing the threat and ensuring the safety of maritime activities in the region.

The comprehensive operation underscores the Indian Navy's commitment to maritime security and its capability to swiftly address threats posed by piracy and other illicit activities at sea. By detaining the pirates and securing the distressed vessel, the Indian Navy has not only safeguarded the lives of the crew members but also upheld international maritime laws and norms, contributing to the safety and security of global maritime trade routes.

The successful culmination of the operation highlights the effectiveness of coordinated efforts between various naval assets and demonstrates India's readiness and resolve to combat maritime threats in the region. As the detained pirates are remanded to police custody, the legal process will proceed, ensuring accountability and justice for their actions.

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