Agreement on the return of Syria to the League of Arab States

The spokeswoman for the Arab League has verified that Arab foreign ministers have agreed to allow Syria to regain its seat in the organization.

Arab sources reported that the decision to readmit Syria was approved unanimously by the Arab ministers participating in the League's deliberations.

The role of Iraq in the return of Syria to the League of Arab States

According to reports in the official media of Iraq, the diplomatic initiatives of dialogue and Arab integration that Iraq has adopted were important factors in Syria's readmission to the Arab League.

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, was the location of the meeting of Arab foreign ministers that took place before to the Arab League summit that was planned to take place in Saudi Arabia on May 19. This summit took place just a few days after a gathering of regional diplomats in Jordan to establish a road map for returning Syria to the League, which took place in the midst of ongoing de-escalation in the conflict.

Twelve years ago, during the early stages of the civil war in Syria, the membership of Syria in the Arab League, which is comprised of 22 nations, was temporarily suspended. Subsequently, other Arab countries imposed economic penalties on Damascus.

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