Urgent: The date for disbursing the September payment from the citizen’s account, hours after the issuance of

Hours following the issuance of eligibility, the citizen's account stated the day for disbursing the 90th installment for the following month of September. If you fulfill the qualifying requirements, the program stated through "beneficiary service" that the support amounts were not supplied for the "September" payment and will instead be included on "September 10."

The tenth day of every Gregorian month is when the "citizen's account" payments are made. The subsidy will be paid on the day before or the day after if this day falls on a weekend.
Results of the 70th batch of Citizen Account Eligibility
The release of the eligibility results for the 70th session, or the September 2023 batch, was announced by the citizen account earlier today, on Friday.
The program allowed users to check their eligibility by going to the online portal.
If they match the criteria, candidates who submit registration applications by August 10 will be counted among those eligible for assistance in September, according to him.

When one of the kids gets a job, does the right to citizen support end?

public account
To lessen the burden on citizens, help low- and middle-income families financially, and compensate residents who might face risks as a result of the Kingdom's economic growth, the government launched the citizen account in December 2017.

The object of the account from the citizen

1. Saudi households.
2. The single citizen.
3 - Independent people living in a private home as an independent person
4 - People who receive social security benefits.
5 - Those in possession of a transportation card.
6 kids born to a Saudi mother who wed a non-Saudi.
7 - The foster mother and the widowed or divorced mother.
The spouse of a Saudi national.

How to create a citizen account: The steps

From here, use the citizen account website and log in.
The applicant registers online for the program and fills out the following information:
Your ID number, your cell phone number, your date of birth, and your password.
website login
To finish the registration, a message containing the temporary password will be sent to the applicant's cell phone number.
-modify password
In the text message, the applicant modifies the temporary password.
Entry of data
The applicant next completes the registration form and gives the necessary information, including general information, admission information, dependant information, income information, member information, bank account information, and attachment manager.
The necessary paperwork online
The "Attachment Management" icon will display any necessary paperwork.
Check and review the data.
The registration application is submitted after acknowledging that the information supplied is accurate.
Read and agree to the terms on display.

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