Urgent Saudi Arabia: conditions and controls for stopping government services and resuming work with them

In order to manage requests to halt services for citizens and residents, new regulations for suspending services have been made public as of the current Safar 25.

All services offered by government organizations are targeted by the controls, except those relating to treatment, education, employment, the business registry, the recording of civil facts, and identification documents.

The rules state that to cease services, there must be a legal document, a Council of Ministers decision, a supreme court order, or a Public Prosecution order. Through the electronic platform, the suspension is carried out.

The controls place a strong emphasis on the necessity of the suspension not harming the individuals impacted by the halted services or the businesses they own, are partners in, or own a majority of. If any damage happens, it needs to be repaired right away.

The new rules show that, after 24 hours of the cancellation being approved, the suspension of the service will be automatically canceled through the electronic link between the electronic platform and the government agency requesting the suspension.
The restrictions emphasized that the first and second stages' service termination times should not exceed 30 days for each stage. The first is the suspension of (low-impact) services, such as new services that are not connected to an active license and extra services whose suspension has little or no effect on the commercial sector.

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