Urgent Saudi Arabia: arresting thousands of violators of residency and work inside the Kingdom

Within a week, the Ministry of Interior's activities led to the arrest of around 15.2 thousand people who had broken the rules governing residency, employment, and border security.

The ministry reported that in all parts of the Kingdom, more than 2.4 thousand offenders of the work system, more than 4.2 thousand of the border security system, and more than 8.5 thousand violators of the residence system had been apprehended.3 people who were involved in harboring, operating, and transporting violators were detained.It stated that a total of 829 people had been detained while attempting to cross the border into the Kingdom, of whom 53% were Yemenis, 44% were Ethiopians, and 3% were people of other nationalities. Additionally, 60 people had been detained while attempting to cross the border outside the Kingdom in an unauthorized manner.

It also stated that 3 individuals involved in the transfer, harbouring, and operation of violators of the residence, work, and border security regulations as well as their covering up were apprehended, with a total of 37.7 thousand expatriates currently being subject to the procedures for enforcing the regulations.The Ministry confirmed that there are currently about 39.6 thousand violators who are being subject to the procedures for enforcing the regulations, of whom 33.5 thousand had to contact their diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents, more than 1.9 thousand had to make travel arrangements, and about 9 thousand had to be deported.
Whoever makes it easier for border security system violators to enter the Kingdom, transfers them there, shelters them, or offers them any other kind of assistance or service, the Saudi Ministry of Interior warned, exposes himself to penalties of up to 15 years in prison and a fine of up to one million riyals. confiscation of the tools of travel and the lodgings utilized for lodging.

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