Urgent: Important statement from the Saudi Embassy in France

A citizen of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia fell from a hotel's roof today, prompting an urgent response from the Embassy of the Kingdom in France.

The injured person was the subject of an urgent warning from the Kingdom's embassy in France today.
It confirms that a citizen was hurt after falling while staying at a hotel in France, and she stated on her account on the "X" platform that this is evidence of what is being shared on social media.
The embassy further stated that the aforementioned citizen suffered multiple fractures after falling last Wednesday from the balcony of his hotel in Cannes, southern France.
Additionally, it stated that the citizen had subsequently been transported to a hospital with a specialized unit and was still there receiving the required medical attention.
The embassy declared that it is keeping track of everything concerning his situation with the French health authorities and the other relevant authorities, wishing him a quick recovery.

The initial report of France.

A Saudi tourist in his thirties fell from the sixth storey of a hotel in the French city of Cannes, and the incident was regarded as scary by the French mediaAccording to the French website "Nice Matin," the tragedy happened on Wednesday around 5:30 am.The Saudi tourist, who was 28 years old, died after falling from the sixth floor of the Carlton Hotel. His body landed on a marble table at the bottom of the hotel after colliding with balconies on lower stories.While the authorities continued to look into the accident's causes, "Nice Matin" revealed that the tourist was gravely hurt. He was then brought to the hospital right away and underwent numerous procedures.Additionally, several witnesses, as reported by a French website, said that the man fell while he was hopping from one balcony to another in front of the Carlton Hotel.

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