UAE Embassy in Spain Cautions Citizens Amidst bad weather

The UAE Embassy in Spain has issued an advisory for Emirati citizens to exercise caution due to the torrential rain and storms impacting central and eastern regions of Spain. The embassy emphasized the importance of following safety guidelines and instructions issued by Spanish authorities. 

Torrential Rain and Storms

The UAE Embassy in Spain has issued an urgent advisory to Emirati citizens concerning the severe weather conditions prevailing in central and eastern regions of the country.

The embassy underscores the utmost importance of citizens adhering to the safety guidelines and directives provided by the Spanish authorities. As adverse weather conditions persist, following official guidance is imperative to ensure personal safety.

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of an emergency, Emirati citizens are urged to promptly contact the UAE Embassy at either 0097180024 or 0097180044444. These dedicated contact numbers are available to provide assistance and support when needed most.

Tawajudi Registration

The embassy also encourages citizens to register for the Tawajudi service, a vital resource that facilitates communication between citizens and embassy staff during emergencies. This registration enhances the embassy's ability to assist citizens effectively during critical situations.

Weather Alert

Spain is currently experiencing adverse weather conditions, with heavy rainfall and storms impacting various regions, including central, eastern, southern, and southeastern Spain. Emirati citizens are advised to stay vigilant and prioritize safety during this period.

The UAE Embassy in Spain remains committed to the well-being of its citizens abroad and stands ready to provide assistance and support when required.

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