The UAE issues a multiple-entry tourist visa for 5 years

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The United Arab Emirates has revealed a 5-year multiple tourist visa, which is considered one of the most popular types of residence visas in the UAE, and which serves as the ideal option for those wishing to visit the country for long periods to explore the tourist attractions in the UAE.

In this article, we will provide you with everything related to the 5-year multiple tourist visa, the papers and requirements for issuing the visa, in addition to the steps for issuing a 5-year multiple tourist visa in the UAE.

UAE tourist visa requirements: 5 years

It is necessary to satisfy and fulfill all of the conditions that have been stated by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship in order to get a visa that allows repeated entries across the UAE.

The following are some of the conditions that must be met in order to obtain a tourist visa for visiting the UAE for a term of five years:

  • The most recent six months' worth of bank statements, with a balance of four thousand dollars or its equivalent in alternative currencies
  • The payment of the appropriate charge and the provision of a financial guarantee for health insurance
  • A copy of the passport as well as a colored photograph of the individual

Required papers and documents

In order to obtain a new multiple-entry visa for the United Arab Emirates, the applicant is required to provide a collection of papers and documents. The specific documents required vary depending on whether the applicant is applying for the visa on his own behalf or on behalf of a member of his family. The applicant is responsible for submitting the following documents on his or her website:

  • A current personal photograph of the person being sponsored, showing them against a colorful background
  • Over the course of the past six months, evidence of a balance of four thousand dollars or its equal in foreign currency
  • The United Arab Emirates has validated a legitimate health insurance paperwork.
  • Travel to the nation with a ticket that covers both directions
  • Evidence of one's place of abode, whether it be a hotel room or a single residential address
  • The possession of a passport that is valid for a duration of at least six months

As for the documents required for a member of the applicant’s family:

  • A current personal photograph of the person being sponsored, showing them against a colorful background
  • The United Arab Emirates has validated a legitimate health insurance paperwork.
  • Travel to the nation with a ticket that covers both directions
  • The possession of a passport that is valid for a duration of at least six months

It is important to note that children who are less than 18 years old are regarded to be accompanying the person who is receiving the service.

On the other hand, anybody who is more than 18 years old is needed to complete the application themselves and attach the papers that are listed above.

Three thousand United Arab Emirates dirhams is the value of the financial guarantee for a tourist visa valid for five years.

Steps to obtain a tourist visa for the UAE

The website of the Identity and Citizenship Authority or the smart application may be used to get a visa for the United Arab Emirates that is valid for five years and allows multiple entries. Follow these procedures to obtain a visa for the United Arab Emirates valid for five years:

  1. To access the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, please click here.
  2. To access the Individual Services offering, select the "Services" menu item.
  3. Select a tourist visa issuing provider that allows for repeated entries.
  4. Please sign in or establish a new account.
  5. The submission of the application and the payment of the necessary fees

Another option is to submit an application for a tourist visa to the UAE for a period of five years through an airline in the United Arab Emirates. However, the airline may impose some general or unique requirements prior to awarding the visa, such as flying with the airline in question. You can also submit an application for a visa through recognized and certified travel agents, as well as hotels within the nation, provided that you purchase tickets from their offices and adhere to the hotel reservation in its entirety.

UAE tourist visa fees for 5 years

  • Application fee: 100 AED
  • Issuance fees: 500 AED
  • Electronic services: AED 50 per transaction
  • Urgent application fee: 100 AED if requested

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