TGA Implements Suspension for E-hailing Drivers Cancelling Trips Frequently

Effective as of Wednesday, revised regulations governing the operations of taxis, taxi aggregators, and e-hailing vehicles have been implemented, as announced by the Transport General Authority (TGA).

The updated regulations, approved by the Minister of Transport and Logistics and TGA Chairman, Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser, several months ago, introduce various changes. Among these amendments is the temporary suspension of e-hailing car drivers' accounts if they cancel five trips within a month. E-hailing vehicles, which are privately owned cars used for providing public transport services to passengers who book through designated electronic applications, are subject to these regulations.

The revisions aim to enhance services within this sector and tackle significant challenges faced by investors, users, and workers. By improving the overall experience for users and stakeholders and streamlining operational procedures, these changes seek to foster investment and align with the goals outlined in the National Strategy for Transport and Logistics Services. Key amendments include simplifying investor-related processes, enhancing the driver's ability to confirm drop-off locations before accepting or declining requests, and addressing the issue of frequent trip cancellations by temporarily suspending drivers who exceed five cancellations in a calendar month after accepting a trip.

Additionally, carriers are now required to establish mechanisms for returning lost luggage or personal belongings to their rightful owners, while measures have been introduced to combat the unauthorized use of private vehicles for public taxi services.

The revisions also clarify the scope of taxi operations and aim to improve compliance rates among license holders by continuing electronic integration with the authority's specified system and providing necessary data. These modifications are intended to enhance the overall user experience. The TGA remains committed to identifying and addressing challenges within the transport sector to enhance efficiency and service quality, ultimately benefiting investors, users, and workers alike.

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