Social Security in Saudi Arabia, providing beneficiaries with a range of assistance programs

A fresh expansion of assistance programs for Social Security claimants is provided by Human Resources Support.

In addition to the basic pension, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has continued to offer social security recipients packages of support programs; these include food assistance, electricity assistance, school bag assistance, and a milk assistance program for infants "from newborns to two years old."
The developed social security system aims to assist and empower those who are most in need, improve beneficiaries' living conditions by giving them more power, increase beneficiaries' financial independence by moving from dependency to production, and improve beneficiaries' workforce and skill sets to improve their social and economic quality of life.

pension from social security.

The benefit of this program is only available to Saudi citizens who are permanently residing in the Kingdom and who meet the requirements outlined in the social security system. It entails the disbursement of a monthly sum of money to the beneficiaries (and the finances of this program are from Zakat). A foreign lady married to a Saudi and having children from him, or the offspring of a Saudi widow who married a foreigner, are exempt from the nationality requirement. The Social Security Regulations' provisions also apply to disabled people, widows with orphans, and orphans who possess travel cards but lack documentation establishing their Saudi nationality.
By estimating the calculated minimum pension, providing appropriate support, and providing support and social protection to beneficiaries, taking into account the neediest and most entitlement, the developed social security system seeks to establish the necessary means and measures to address the neediest cases and to ensure a minimum level of income that meets the basic needs of each beneficiary.

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